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Easy to contact Telkomsel Call Center to file complaints

As one of the branches run by state-owned enterprises, the Telkomsel call center is always provided by management. This telecommunications company offers a business information centre with the aim of responding to all complaints and consumer requests.

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, the role of call centers as corporate information centers is very important. Many telkomsel branches have been forced to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Indonesia.

In addition to providing call center services through interactive telephone connections, Telkomsel also provides a separate email to address complaints related to service items. In addition, there are also social media accounts run by call center officials that answer all complaints and questions from users. So now users can easily connect to the Telkomsel company’s call center.

Operations and roles of Telkomsel call center in consumer services

As a telecommunications network company, Telkomsel certainly offers a wide range of savings packages for consumer needs. One of them is the phone package, sms package and data quota package on the Internet. However, there are still many consumers who do not know the meaning of Telkomsel services.

So tidak I wonder if consumers will contact the call center to ask for clarification on the package. But in addition to this, there are some features and roles of the call centers provided by Telkomsel. These include the following:

  1. Provide information on products and promotions from the company

First, the role and role of this Telkomsel call center is  to report product information from the company. As a telecommunications company, Telkomsel is always innovating in providing consumers with the necessary packages.


Therefore, the call center is reliable to explain all product information to customers. In addition, the role of the call center is also essential for the company, especially for promotional campaigns held by the company.


  1. Provide solutions to customer problems

Second, this call center service is also working to inform customers about the management of problems that are emerging. Call center services also have the right to address the problems or barriers that consumers face.

However, if the problem is reported for technical or network reasons. Therefore, the call center will forward the report to the relevant section. You only get a report ticket number from a Telkomsel call center.


  1. Record all customer complaints so they can be used as food items

Third, each telkomsel call center manager is obliged to record all complaints, complaints, criticisms and suggestions sent by customers. Because based on complaints and user input, this is content for evaluation related to Telkomsel’s products.


If the customer does not like the telkomsel product package, the company will change packages. Thus, all customer complaint files can determine whether the package from Telkomsel is in accordance with the customer’s wishes or not.


Comparison of Telkomsel call centers compared to other telecommunications operators’ call centers

The call center provided by Telkomsel is quite responsive compared to other competing companies. This is due to two factors. First, consumers never complain about the product package service run by Telkomsel.


Second, call center services are provided for 24 hours with agents who are fairly qualified. This allows you to handle any complaints that consumers experience immediately. Tidak wonders if Telkomsel’s call center always provides consumers with the best.


In addition, Telkomsel offers several methods to contact call center services for consumers who want to complain about product issues. Note that there are 3 methods you can use to contact the information center services provided by Telkomsel.


You can contact Telkomsel Call Centre via interactive telephone connection, send direct messages via social media, or access the “My Telkomsel” app to complain about complaints related to Telkomsel products.


In general, all call center services provided by Telkomsel are active for 24 hours. So, your complaints can be heard by the company as long as you contact it. And there are no time limits to contact this Telkomsel call center service  .


Differences in call center services provided by Telkomsel

As one of the subsidiaries of the “red record”, Telkomsel certainly wants to be the best telecommunications company in Indonesia. The market divide that is beginning to penetrate millennia has certainly been carefully calculated. Therefore, call center services are divided into 3 methods.


The first method is through an interactive phone line. This service is often used by customers who need a direct solution to the problem. Because connecting through this interactive phone is quick in its handling. However, the operator sometimes charges a fee for contacting the call center via a telephone line.


The second method is to file complaints with short social media messages or direct messages. Telkomsel’s call center via social media is often chosen by thousands. Because millennials are always using social media to hang out with.


However, this approach is considered slower in dealing with problems. Because call center services take longer to answer complaints or questions you ask.


The third method is through my Telkomsel app. By using the My Telkomsel service, you can submit complaints or complaints about Telkomsel product packages.


Because the application contains a live chat feature in response to officers’ responses to complaints filed that will be quickly answered. In addition, you can buy credit shares or data packages directly from the My Telkomsel app. The complaints process will be answered directly by Telkomsel call center officials.


How to contact Telkomsel’s call center service

It is not difficult to contact Telkomsel’s call center service. That’s just that, you have to choose a method to contact call center services. If you use the service through an interactive phone line, you can call 0807-1811-811 directly.


You can contact a number of all Telkomsel customers. For HALO Card users, you can contact 133 (toll-free number). And SimPATI and Kartu AS users, you can contact 188 (charged toll if downloaded from a call center server) or 155 (toll-free number).


For those of you who intend to contact the call center via social media, you can use your personal account to file a complaint. Please find a Telkomsel (Twitter) or Telkomsel (Facebook and Instagram) account. Then send a message via the telkomsel call center’s direct message  to the social media feature  . Don’t forget, make the complaints you’ve experienced.


And the last method is through the My Telkomsel app. First, download, set up and register an account first. Then there’s the “contact call center or CS” menu. And then tell me the complaints you had. After that, the call center will respond to any complaints or questions asked.

As one of the state-run branches, Telkomsel certainly offers call centers to meet customer complaints or questions. There are 3 methods to connect to call center services. Then choose a way to contact Telkomsel’s call center to submit complaints or questions about the product.

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