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For you loyal telkomsel provider users, then 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period will be very useful for you. The active period is usually one of the constraints of the provider card user. Although it seems trivial, when you miss the deadline then bad effects such as losing your favorite number can happen.


Some people are not aware of the active period because there is currently wifi anywhere. Even when your number is off, you can still use social media like WhatsApp to connect. But apparently, at this time the government has promoted policy.


If in the past when you forgot to fill up your credit and the active period of your card runs out, then you just need to go to the nearest telkomsel service service and ask to reactivate your card. This is certainly not the case anymore in this day and age. So it is very necessary 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period.


This method helps you in always monitoring whether your active period is up or not. If it is close, preparations to fill the pulse need to be done. Do not wait until entering the grace period because it can have an impact on not being able to contact colleagues via manual phone.


How to Extend telkomsel card active status

After knowing the importance of checking the active period and why you need to remember the deadline for your provider’s active period, it’s time for you to review 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period. Avoid unwanted possibilities in the future.


There are 3 groups related to ways that can be done so that you can extend the active life of your provider. The first group is by recharging the pulse. This is the most common way done by loyal customers. This method is also the fastest way so it is often used as the main choice.


However, it is not uncommon for the extension of the active period that occurs according to the nominal credit you fill. If the nominal is slight, then the extension is also a little bit. Even some cases do not make your active period successfully extended. If this is the case, don’t worry because there are still options next.


The next option is that you don’t need to buy credit whenyou’re extending the active period. Usually some users can run out of active period even though the nominal credit they have is still a lot. If this happens to you then all you have to do is follow the method below.


There are 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period , namely first please type *999# on your mobile phone screen. Then click ‘OK’. The next step is that you will be faced with several choices, then chooselah option number 5 which is “Other Package”. The third step you need to choose option number 7 which contains “other”.


Next you please select number 8 which contains “other services”. Step 6 is that you will be faced again with the choice and please press number 3 which contains “Active Time Package”. Then there will then appear several package options related to the extension of the active period.


There are three options offered with several conditions. The less nominal, the less the extension of the day for the active period. Then you can adjust your credit amount to the desire of the day for the extension of your active period. Then type the number that suits your choice.


After choosing the appropriate package then you must type 1 which means you approve the purchase of the package. Wait a while until a notification appears that the transaction has been successfully made. An SMS notification will appear to inform you that your active period has been extended.


Cost of Extending Telkomsel’s Active Period

As already mentioned in the 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period , the costs incurred are in accordance with the applicable day extension. When you choose to extend the active period for 90 days, then do a credit charge above 100 thousand or exactly 100 thousand.


Furthermore, for the rate and the day that applies when you make a package purchase without replenishment, then the rates offered vary. For the active period of a week (7 days) then you only need to spend a sum of Rp 5000. Furthermore, for 30 days, which is Rp15,000 and for 90 days it is Rp 30,000


The nominal is actually included in the reasonable or normal price because if you recharge at the counter you will be charged an additional fee of about 1000 to 2000 for one transaction. This only applies if you have a nominal credit in it.


So 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period without charging credit does not mean you can extend the active period without capital. You still have to issue credit on your provider card as a buying and selling transaction as usual. Make sure you have enough credit for an active period extension.


How to Check Telkomsel’s Active Period

If you are still confused about how to find out information related to the active period of your telkomsel provider card then there are several ways that can be done. The easiest way is that you just need to download the MyTelkomsel application on the playstore. Once you download then log in using your number.

After successfully logging in, information related to the active period will be displayed on the application homepage. Not only the active period, information related to the nominal credit and the type of package you are using will also be listed in detail there. Make sure you have downloaded the MyTelkomsel application first.


Next is the manual way. Before you know 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period then by manual means you must check first. The trick is that you just press the *888# button and press ‘OK’. Complete information about the nominal credit and active period will be listed there.


This method makes it very easy for you without having to download first. But if telkomsel is experiencing signal interference, then your access request can be disrupted as well. So you can’t see the active period of your card until when. It’s a good idea to keep downloading the app.


Advantages if using Telkomsel

After knowing 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period, how to check the active period of the card, and also the cost and rate of card renewal, you need to know about the benefits of using telkomsel provider card. Of course telkomsel is well known as the provider card with the strongest signal.


Even for some countries, telkomsel can already be registered network there. This will benefit you as a person who likes to travel abroad not to make card changes. In addition to complicated, of course you still want to be connected by relatives through the number you use.


Tidak is just that, if you are in a remote place, most likely telkomsel signal has been successfully registered there. So that some people had believed that when traveling to a small place, it is mandatory to use telkomsel providers only so that they can still be connected by the families left behind.


Although of course, there is a price there is a form. Telkomsel is one of the providers whose rates are included in the expensive group. However, when viewed from the signals and services provided, it is naturally like that. Facilitate with 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s active period as well as a form of advantage to use it.

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