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The LG service center service is a facility provided by all. Of course, this facility is specifically designed for those of you who use LG products. As already known that this brand has many types of products. This is because LG is a tech icon with a very big name.

There are countless family electronics products and they are all top quality. However, even high-tech will suddenly get a period of damage. There are many things that can lead to losses. It can happen due to age or due to user neglect that can result in loss.

Because technological disruptions can occur at any time, service center service is required. Official facilities become safer when used in specific technological advances. Electronics should be repaired with expert hands. Although experts are typically adopted by official companies, for example LG.

However, many people may still not know the contacts of the LG service center services. In reality, understanding the full information on services and facilities can be of overwhelming help. There are many advantages when it comes to knowing some such information. For example, access to discounted facilities through free warranties for several types of products.

Adeegga macaamiisha LG Customer Service

You can use the customer service center before you visit the LG service center directly  . There are several ways that can be done such as chat sites, email, and so on. Each center will be offered solutions consistent with any problem that arises. Then you can find a solution to the problem of injury to LG products.

  1. Xarunta Chat

If you’re working on the chat, you can only do it during work time. Working hours Monday through Friday are between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. wib. While Saturday and Sunday start from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. wib.


  1. Via Email

Email services may be used less frequently because they are considered to be stressful. But you can make this service another one for complete details of lg’s service center on  site nearest you. It’s enough to file a complaint or question and wait up to 24 hours before getting the n yes answer.


  1. Adeegga SMS

For services via SMS is basically almost the same as online chat. The working hours are also the same, i.e. 9 a.m. at 6:00 a.m. when the jobs are working. With the end of the week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can easily send a short message at 0811-80-14010.


  1. Whatsapp Service

This service is the most commonly used one, because it is easy. It doesn’t burden the cost of a loan because you just need to use a data package. This service is virtually identical to the SMS service, in terms of both numbers and operating hours. Then you have to choose which service you want to use.

LG Service Center Service Center Service Center Location

To provide comfort to every customer, LG has prepared multiple LG service stations  spread throughout Indonesia. But how would it be found on its site in the middle of the sprawling city buildings? The process is a very simple matter. Our services are available by entering your residential area and damaged products.

So how? The process is very simple. You should only visit this page prepared for you https://www.lg.com/id/dukungan/cari-penyedia-perbaikan. After that you will see a few dialog boxes. There is a Service Center Location column and a Product Column Category. You should only choose those two necessary provisions.

In the name of the service centre service center service center service center, you can enter your current city of residence. This is one where it is recommended not to be too far from the place of residence. With product column Category they will have groups of mobile products, TV, audio and video, home electronics, in IT products.

For example, you enter Malang City as a site search site and then select from all types of mobile devices within the Product Category column. After that click the search button and wait for a while. Later, if there is an LG service centre in the city, the site and address in its entirety will be publicly displayed.

But keep in mind that service center services can only be held on Mondays through Saturdays. Meanwhile, on Sundays and big days, they will be closed. Business hours Monday through Friday are from 8.30 to 16.30 WIB. With Saturdays starting from 8.30 to 12.30 WIB.

Home Emergency Response Service

As one of the tech companies with big names, of course providing a better service is the priority of a job. In addition, there are far more people who believe and use a variety of LG products. Not only are mobile devices, but electronics are also largely in demand because quality is guaranteed.

However, when this device is damaged, it will definitely be difficult to salt yourself. In addition, adding the distance to the service center is also much farther away. Seeing this, the company immediately offered a solution. One solution is to provide housing services to customers to repair a broken and versatile device.

LG service center services  should quickly solve problems for every customer. This service will even deny itself the cost of transportation if an electronic device needs to be brought to the service center. Thus customers only need to contact the service center at work time during business hours at 8-16 hours.

Because this service is provided by the homes of the customers who visit it, of course there is an additional fee in the form of coming home. Its size itself varies from othercities and cities. Maintenance, service, and replacement of spare parts will also still be paid in terms of the usual cost without adding.

However, this service is not in operation in all Indonesian states. Jakarta alone is correct, because here are so many established LG service services . So when the officials arrive, they have no time. It’s enough to save customers’ time in Jakarta and its materials.

LG Online Maintenance Service Support

There is an interesting service offered in the form of maintenance support through network applications. But before you order repairs online, you need to get an account. The process is an easy thing, just visit https://www.lg.com/id/dukungan/repair-warranty/request-repair-sign-in. There will be a talk account box after creation if you don’t already have one. You just click to request account creation.

But if you don’t want to create an account, you can still use this service by clicking that log as a visitor. There will be a few dialog boxes ranging from steps 1 to 5. Step 1 is the product dialog box select where you need it to go into the product details you have.

Once you’ve filled everything right, you can move on to the next step in the end. The final step is the Maintenance Review Request. Here you will find more information about the time of repairs. This service is a useful aspect, because a solution can be provided before the product is repaired.

In truth, providing services to decentralized service centers will offer help to get every customer. Any problems can be easily solved in a short time. Customers also actually get valuable experiences from these services. Thus, LG’s service center  services  will make it to make customers much more happy.

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