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Before going to the Sennheiser Service Center, identify the problem

It not only presents quality products , but  also provides sennheiser services  to its customers. This service is designed to solve the audio device problem. We recommend this service, which is used when using the products of this brand.

They are not only more familiar with the product , but also the quality of those technicians who already have the company’s license. Because they are fully responsible for the quality of the product. So that they are unlikely to disappoint customers with untrained technicians.

Another  advantage of sennheiser service center services is that the entire spare parts are owned. If you need to replace parts, you don’t have to worry about their quality and fit. Another advantage is that the price of the service is willing to be cheaper, because it is part of the product service.

But before  you go  to the sennheiser service center to use the service, you must first determine if the product really needs repair. Sometimes users do not know the truth that the goods are in good condition. Here are some ways to identify the condition of one of their products, headphones.

Identifying headphone problems before entering the Sennheiser Service Center

Before pressing the button and  changing  the  settings, make sure that you can find the source of the problem. Sometimes the problem may come from another device, such as a mobile phone or an app that uses the audio source. Therefore, you first use headphones for other devices.  Whether it can work properly or not.

You can also use the cabling headphones or Bluetooth headphones. The last method is to try to install other products, if any. If the condition is normal, it means that the phoneis in good condition. If the condition remains bad, you will have to look again for the problem you are facing.

If the headphones cannot  be connected to Android, then it is usually easier to set up.   First you need to check the manual. Because some headphones automatically enter pairing mode when they are first used.

If the dphone hea does not appear on the device, you may need to read the manual to put the data into pairing mode.  There are also headphones that require you to hold down the power button for a few seconds.   But for the most part, some of them have a control center, even with their own devices.

Other methods for early detection

You need to make sure that other headphones are not involved in it.  There are some hea dphones thatcan be connected to some devices while others are not. Therefore  , the settings may come from the device you originally paired.   Therefore, first disconnect the connection, and then it will automatically return to the initial mode.

Another way is to disconnect headphones with the same sound.  Make sure your phone isn’t connected to other headphones in the room.   Because they connect automatically when the network is on, when it is still in range. The initial action is to remove the old Bluetooth device from the phone.

The next problem that needs to be investigated before  going to the sennheiser service center is mengcharge the battery, if the battery runs out, problems may arise during installation.  There are even cases when headphones are waiting for them to start. This means that the battery is absorbed faster than expected. Before use, try to connect and charge the battery.

Make sure both devices are compatible, as  there are  multiple headphones or devices that are being reviewed and improved. As an indication, the latest devices use Bluetooth 5.  0 is  usually connected  to most 5.0 devices you own.   But there are also those who can not connect, leverethe latest model.  Check these points  to make sure the two devices are compatible with each other before contacting  the Sennheiser Service Center.

Find problems in case of distortion

If you  can insert a hea dphone,  but  it doesn’t make a good sound, then maybe the quality of the music is lower than it should be.  There may  also be problems with your wireless connection. Check the music source before looking for the following troubleshooting steps.  Make sure static is not connected to the music source.

It is also possible  that youare working on low-speed mp3. Another option is that the streaming service  is set by default.  You can see it through another Bluetooth. Please determine if it is in good condition.

To  check another masalah, coba turn off, turn off Bluetooth, unplug all pairs of headphones, turn off the phone, reeb, and pair it again from the start.

If you hear music in a room, maybe it’s too far away. It is also possible that  you have  too many obstacles on the  right path.  Other  networks that use wi-fi and other connections  are also affected.

If you have a Wireless or wired fr ee function, you are probably only  listening to one earbud at a time.   But you need to do this in a certain way. For example  , by entering a double method and  using only 1 headset.   Ketika  connects the two wires, which is not good.   Read the manual to find out what procedure to follow is the correct procedure for listening to one of the earbuds.

To get the best quality  , you need to update the firmware regularly. Using the official application and updating the firmware as a whole will improve the quality. It is also possible that the problem can be solved if a companion application is used.

If you have an application, try   turning off the extra function,  for example, noise cancellation and other processing may cause distortions. You even need to turn off the built-in programs from your phone like Samsung’s voice adaptation feature.

To achieve good quality, electronic devices usually use  hd or codec audio code option  ,  which you can enable or disable. But these two are involved in different codes.  to see if the sound improves to match the code.

If you want to use headphones, then there can be 2 types in the sound settings of Windows, 1 stereo, 1 for phone calls.   Please turn off one of them to get stable headphone sound quality.   In order to be able to click on the speaker icon, compressthe sound and be sure  to select the headphones.

Find problems when using with 1 headset

Before contacting the sennheiser service center, b isa problem also arises when listening to music with 1 earphone, which is the problem.   Reconnect the earbuds to set up the connection between the two.  If necessary, turn off everything, and then turn it on again.

As  we explained earlier,  models often have a special method of dressing for individual listening and may have accidentally found themselves in a double position on their own  .

Try  removing them all and pairing them with 1 or double mode.  if you still don’t get the best quality, go back to the manual for the best suggestions  .

The above actions will confirm whether the problem occurs with the headphones or if there are problems outside the headphones. If there are problems with use, improve the use so that it  is warm in good quality.  But if the quality does not improve, then there is a problem with the headphones, you should contact  the Sennheiser service center.

If this happens,  you need the  services of the sennheiser service center to describe the inspection.   Get in touch with the best and closest technician closest to your site. To find  the n, please contact the customer service on the Indonesian site.

Submit your complaint, find out about the treatment of the nearest technician. When you meet a technician, be sure to ask in advance about the description of the condition. Then how much it costs and the processing time. If the cost is still thought to be affordable, you can fix it. But if there is little difference between Baiya and a new one, then it is better to buy a new one. It is also important to ensure that the damage is part of the warranty treatment of the Sennheiser service center  or not.

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