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Keep ing encrypted, how to expand online passports by avoiding crowds

This year the way to expand online passports is considered to be more secure.   Considering that in recent months  covit-19 disease  has required everyone to spend more time at home or avoid crowds.   So taking  care  of online passports right now is the right choice.

Even  a while   earlier  the service had also been cancelled.   Although it  has  now reopened since  June 15, 2020,   there  is still no salahnya kamu that wants to hand it out online.   Just by covering a few documents,  you don’t have to fight e  anymore.

Documents have been requested as a condition of renewal itself, there are two categories: electronic identification cards and old passports.   But  keep  in mind that this term only applies to the  2009 release or later release.   It varies in elum  seb output 2009.  To be clearer,  you can understand the terms and procedures below.

Know the exact time to renew passports and documents to prepare

It must be understood that his general Indonesian passport during the enforcement period is five years after the first erp ertama  is issued.   After that, you can use it  at any  time  within that time to travel outside Indonesia.   Of course, on the condition that there is still a duty left to block entry and exit of a particular country  .

But it does not suggest   finding ways to truly expand online passports of a  productive period.   The reason is that immigration does not allow those with a valid period of less than six months  .  So  if you don’t want to be restricted by the immigration process when traveling abroad  ,  expand six months before it ends  .

As explained earlier,  the requirements needed to expand can vary depending on the year of publication  .   Especially for publication in 2009  and after that, documents need to be prepared only for electronic identification cards and old passports  .   Meanwhile, in the newspapers before 2009, more documents are needed.

Specifically, how to expand the online passport issue before 2009 itself is almost the same when kamu makes new  .   There are electronic id cards, family cards and  old passports.   The birth certificate and other letters whose full name of the claimant is then listed  ,  the location of the date of birth,  along with the name of the parent.

Especially for  foreigners who have changed their nationality to Indonesian  citizenship, they also need an Indonesian  citizenship letter.   Especially for a person who has changed his or her name, a name change  letter is necessary.   That is the details of the documents needed for individuals with a passport issued before  2009.

4 first steps on how to expand your online passport, you have to install an application

Choosing an online passport expansion method makes you no longer need to sign up.  Even later,  there were still calls to come to the immigration office to take other important steps.   In more detail, this is an easy method,  starting with installing a pre-application to save the QR  code proof of registration.

  1. Install Apk Services

The first step is to install an apk online passport service  on an Android or iOS device.   You can download it in both the App Store  and  the Google Play Store.   The application will later be automatically installed because of the  official release of   federal immigration director H UKum and the human rights of the Indonesian Republic.

  1. Fill out the form

The next step is to write a pattern in  the apk that has been installed.   Write down all the documents kAMU has prepared before.  Always be warned to be careful in doing so.   So that no later document information or errors  can cause the process tothe event not to run as it should.

  1. Pilih schedule and office location

The next way to expand your passport online is not to forget to choose the location of the immigration office  .   Of course,  choose the nearest office to the location of the claimant at the time.  Don’t forget to adjust the schedule to free time as well  .    So you can get things done, without worrying about clashing with other important schedules.

You are also required to write down the number of people who will apply for expansion.   Claimants need to ensure there is a sufficient number of registered persons on that date  .  After this full process is complete,  the claimant can click on the advanced menu for the next step.

  1. Don’t forget to save registration confirmation

Once the registration and process of filling out all forms is complete, the claimant will receive a QR  code.   This code is proof that kamu has signed up for the expansion application.   Collect this evidence so that it can later be shown to officials at previously   selected  immigration offices.

4 steps on how to renew your passport online here are the fees to pay

In addition to the above steps,  there are other steps to be taken  , including:

  1. Visit the immigration office  as scheduled

The claimant made a registration schedule as well as the location of his office  .   The next way to expand your passport online is to arrive on schedule.  Don’t forget to bring the necessary documents  .   Make sure you wear a neat outfit  , if necessary.   So the pictures on your latest passport are also good.

  1. Show registration evidence

Claimants must also bring proof  of the QR code of registration.   When you arrive at the immigration office  , show this evidence to the authorities .   The officer would later give some form.  Fill in the form to check later with the regulations you have prepared in advance  .

  1. Do the interview process

If there are many lines  ,  you need to wait a while until the interview process  .   After that, of course,  you will get some questions and continue to film.    You will also take your fingerprints  with  you.  Next k amu  just waits until it is called again for the next step.

  1. Do the following fees:

The last way to expand your passport online is to complete the payment transaction  .   The amount of money to pay will vary depending on the type of passport  .   For example, in a regular paspor with 24 pages, the cost period is Rp100.  000,- up to Rp200.000,-.   Unlike in 48 pages, it costs a lot of Rp300.  000,- up to Rp600.000,-.

It’s different for an e-passport  with  24  pages, the cost is about Rp350.  000,- up to Rp800,000,-. on 48 pages of the e-passport is about Rp600.  000,- to 1,200,000,-.   You can then also experience additional service costs for using bio-based printing system technology in  e-passports for  IDR 55,000,-.

Later, claimants must wait for three working days until the  modern ter  passport  is complete.   Claimants may choose to receive directly at the immigration office or be sent home  .  Just choose which way is the easiest way,  but it certainly can cost more on home delivery options  .

 How to renew expired passports  

If you have an expired passport  ,  there is no need to worry because it can also be extended  .   This means that although the deadline  is already more than five years after its first publication.   The terms requested are not very different from those previously mentioned.

The need must be completed on your own as well as copying the original photo and identification card.  Next bring the old passport it has a valid date  mat  i  .   Then  k amu later has to go through the same process when the passport extension is still active  . It can go through an apk service  or manual, is a visit to the immigration office.

The process of extending this sacred period itself is the latest  .   It should also be noted that  the special validity period for Indonesian passports has been extended by  2020, which is 10 years.   This means that if it expands today,  the passport will be valid for  10  years.

Travel outside Indonesia requires several requirements, one of which is a passport.   So always make sure that the passport you have is at least valid for at least  6  months so that it is not obstructed during the immigration process.  You just have to choose to use an online passport renewal method as we explained  ,  or just by hand.

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