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Redmi Service Center with various servicesfor customers

The Redmi Service Center still joins Xiaomi. Not only that, their superior products, namely, Poco and smartTv can also be repaired at the Mi repair center. Interestingly, almost every city already has its official offices. So you don’t need to be confused if there is damage.

There are also IM installations at home, or repairs can be done at home. Unfortunately, this facility has not been able to reach remote locations. Only a radius of 5 kilometers from the service center. But, the choice to come in person was also the right decision. Because, from the comfort of the facilities, it is superior.

The Redmi service center also provided interesting facilities in the form of accelerated repairs, namely, only one hour. This period will begin when the registration of the order is received. until the repair is complete. Unfortunately, at the moment, the service is only available in 5 locations.

All are in the Jabodetabek region. To take advantage of it, you must come directly and have made a reservation via In addition, this process can be carried out if the product gets an official warranty from Xiaomi. And always during the warranty period and during the availability of spare parts.

The time is only from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Beyond that, it will not be treated and will have to wait until tomorrow. Not only did you come straight to the office. You can also request many complaints through the call center. This convenience is indeed presented by Xiaomi so that customers feel satisfied.

Redmi Service Center Support forCustomers

Xiaomi provides various types of amenities by pampering its customers. Therefore, they provide a wide variety of online features. It’s just that time is limited based on office hours. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. depending on local time. So, first pay attention to where you are.

There are many paths that were provided first, via WhatsApp messages on 082117236765 numbers. Or you can also take advantage of the hotline on 0800 1 401558. For the full list of full addresses, you can directly visit the website There you will find your address and phone number.

On the official website of the Redmi Service Center, there are also different price lists available. So, when conducting a review. Or maybe, you’re trying to figure out for yourself why a cell phone can be like this. It’s also easy  for each customer to know how much components are needed.

Interestingly, each phone part is different from another. It depends on the type and the mobile phone itself. Just try the search function, you will find it easily. It is not enough to get there, when the repair of the entire price list is available. For example, the Mi Note 10 product.

Battery components have problems, you just need to open the web. Then, find out how much it costs. From the cost of repairs plus taxes. Keep in mind that each phone has different rates. However, it should also be  noted that if the price list is not fixed, it may change depending on price fluctuations.

Repair installation only 5 days

Xiaomi’s Redmi Service Center also presents a new breakthrough. By providing a waiting period of only 5 days. This is indeed well received by its fans and loyal customers. Usually, the mobile phone enters the service center at the earliest, it takes 10 days.

Interestingly, if it is not completed within this time, there is a warranty to replace a new unit. This is indeed good news for all customers. This way, not everyone has to wait too long. It’s just that the repair is calculated when the product has been received by the head office of the service.

For example, you give your mobile phone to the redmi service center  on the 10th. Then, two days later, the product entered the repair table. Thus, the time is calculated from 12 to 17 only. At another time, the product will be replaced new and sent directly to the address.

But, it is worth paying attention to getting it. You need to make sure that there is always a warranty available. Indeed, as soon as five days end, the technician will confirm in the form of the replacement of a new device or while waiting for the service to be completed. When the new device is new, Xiaomi is not responsible for the data.

Therefore, this is before taking it for repair. It is more advisable to make a backup of the data. Thus, if something unfortunate happens, all the data is always stored correctly. You can also check regularly via the hotline. To facilitate the simple mention of the IMEi number.

Warranty provided by Xiaomi

The Redmi Service Center also provides a guarantee to a wide range of phones, as long as it still has supporting documentation. For example, battery-powered devices that are often used as complaints. You’re going to have quite a bit of time. About 15 months. In this way, when there is damage again, it can be claimed immediately.

There is another charger until the accessories are given about 6 months. For all products and mobile units from Redmi 7 and above will be given a minimum of 12 months. In the meantime, for this type of damage, there are also several things. As such, mobile phones do not turn on or off on their own.

Screen damage is not due to a fall or exposure to water and liquids. Damage to a wide range of materials due to its structure. The Redmi service center also suffers damage due to the charger, due to the fact that the data cable does not work properly. Or it never works though, the original Xiaomi product.

Before performing such repairs and warranties. Xiaomi will first check and test the product. Also, make sure  that  the Mi account is out or out. So that all the secrets it contains are not read. Mi’s side is also not responsible for anything.

If indeed, the product will lose data. It should also  be  noted that this warranty will not apply when the IMEI number has been removed, even until it is lost. The damage is also caused by disassembly without Xiaomi’s consent or handing it over to another service center.

Cost of the phone when the warranty is over

The Redmi Service Center also provides services for various Mi products without using a warranty card. Or maybe, the time is up. The services for this are numerous. Starting with software upgrades to hardware or even motherboard changes can also be done for 16 types of phones.

Because there is no guarantee, Xiaomi will charge a fee. For software upgrades, the cost is approximately IDR 120,000. Meanwhile, for the material, idr 150 thousand. this has not been supplemented by various components if there is indeed a replacement. For legal or unofficial products, the service center also serves.

It’s just that, for now Xiaomi is working with the government and all the commercial players in Indonesia. To break the chain. Thus, all its products remain compliant with existing standards. Because, the purchase according to the official warranty is indeed expensive. But, safety to comfort is absolutely guaranteed.

The service of this repair center is not only to carry out repairs. You can also buy other original products or accessories such as smartwatches, headphones and much more. If your mobile phone is damaged, it is best to bring it directly to the Redmi service center , it is guaranteed that the process is fast.

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