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Bri Bank Call Center Feature  Makes It Easier for Customers  to Make Calls

The BRI call center that  is presented really allows each client to  get important and valuable information.   Or just forwarding complaints and suggestions to customer service.   More interestingly, you can access the customer service that  we can do through the Whatsapp.

BRI support  helps customers know what banking products or services are available.   The bank owned by the Indonesian  government  is  the largest official  financial company  and the largest in the country.   In addition to providing savings facilities  , you can apply for loans, credit and register shariah.

The BRI offers not only products in the form of financial services , but also  life insurance. This service facilitates customers to  obtain protection from compensation when faced with financial problems. This program is a very minimal risk and can  even offer us free fees for medical cheks, compensation and much more.

Call center bank BRI is an  easy way for customers, connecting you with  CS so that all the information they want can be known very quickly.  Some common problems are most often faced by users, such as swallowed debit  cards, loan bills, or still  confused about the  type of banking product.

Bri Call Center is very accessible

The problems  are  usually faced by all BRI  customers in the country.  As long as you become a registered member, now you  don’t have to worry about it anymore.   The reason is that this banking company has   officially made available a communication center to facilitate access to communication whenever you are.

The bank BRI call center  has the advantage of being able to operate  for 24 hours without stopping for a whole week, including national holidays.   Connectivity can be  accessed on almost all telephone devices.   Please contact the  official  contact person  14017 and ask any questions or complaints you encountered during the transaction.

This service  can be accessed in many places with  a  fairly wide range of events.   Users of  smart  phones  or PSTN  can also  communicate directly from a long  distance  oncegus.   Contacting CS in 14017 you no longer need to enter a special code for the  island  of  Java,  North Sumatra, Bali-TNB.

However, for customers who are outside local areas  such as Papua, Maluku and Sulawesi,  it is enough to  contact the BRI banking call center at (021) 57 987 400 at relatively very cheap rates.   Meanwhile, Sharia services can be accessed directly from 1500-789.

What is the BRI information center tariff

As long as the customer is connected and communicates with the BRI officer  over the phone, the tariff deduction applies.   The number is adjusted according to the type of profider or internal communications operator .   Especially for Telkomsel users such  as sympathizers, the cost for a minute of call is Rp. 1.  800,-

XL dik users with  local rates of Rp. 1,860,-/minute, Indosat Rp.60,-, Tri Rp.   800,- and The Axis Rp. 894 every minute.   Not only  oral communication services, for those of you who do not have time to talk to CS, you can also take advantage of  the short message feature aka SMS.

More interestingly, now the largest Indonesian bank does not just offer a  BRI banking call center.   Increasingly modern, now financial  companies  have innovated by presenting a Chatbot Assistant function that connects directly to the Whats app, Telegram and Messenger applications.

The new inovasi provided by a bank called Sabrina is a smart technology also known as Artificial Intelligence or AI.  The menu is in charge of replacing the real CS and providing options for a selection of the most frequently asked questions.   However, if you did not find the n answer,  you can still use the chat with the administration facility.

For users of  applications wa  short message and such, no rates apply.   This means that you can contact cs or administrators to ask questions, suggestions and complaints for free.   To find out authenticity, an official bank account has a green checkmark or other supporting identity.

Contacting the FREE BRI service center

The help center  services  offered by bri using applications such as WA and Telegram can be done free of charge, at no cost, but only to take advantage of the internet network.   This feature serves information related to the type of product, credit card or searching for the location of the branch with a very quick response.

An easy way to  access the BRI bank WA call center  service  with easy steps is to save  the company’s phone  contact first  .   Then open the AppKasi Whats app  on your smartphone.   Select the icon with the picture  of the message  or search for it in the search engine whose position is at the top.

Type  the message or complaint you want to request and wait for the administrator  to respond to it.   If you haven’t found the answer to your  question. , you can submit a tracking request, namely by typing Contact BRI.   In addition to sending message formats, customers can still make calls from the app.

Another simpler  way  to help customers  contact a central BRI agent for free, in addition to using a  messaging  app  , is  to take advantage of social  media.   Visit the facebook page, then search for @BRIofficialpage, twitter on @kontakBRI, and popular instagram writing the keyword @bankbri_id.

Customers who take advantage  of  the facilities at BRIS can contact the BRI  bank’s call center directly  in sharia through the social media app.   These include FB, Twitter or Instagram with the name typing the name in the  search, namely @BRISyariah.  Make sure that as long as you access it you have to look for an official  account  with a blue centang symbol.

Various communication features of  Bank BRI

Bank Rakyat Indonesia is a  state-owned  company  that is  one hundred percent managed  by the government and has been the main shareholder  to date.   Not only management offices, various products have been launched as part of expatnand extraordinarily risk.   Now there are many branches in different regions of the country.

In addition to having 450 main offices and over 500 branches, the BRI is present as a government partner in promoting the community economy with one of its superior products, namely KUR or Credit People’s Efforts. This is one of the banking investments that prioritizes public SMEs.

Because there are so many  customers in both the upper  and over circles, the BRI bank call center service  is  certainly very useful, especially in terms of  providing  solutions when transactions are faced with constraints.   There are still many people in the community who are not literate about how to  approach the problem.

The BRI  service center offers a variety of interesting features and, of course,  is very useful for these  middle-class customers.   No need to go to the branch to   apply for problems,  just maximize the number 14017 or (021) 57 987 400 for outside the region.

The BRI banking call center is equipped with  two main excellent services, namely an  interactive response feature, namely an  automatic system made by a computer and a CS  representative where callers  can connect directly with  management staff . So every timeyou ask, petugas admin will answer directly not a bot.

This feature that uses  phone media or phone banking  is  of course very useful.  However, to be able to run, you need to  register as a customer, and then  attach a contact.   Also, activate the ATM card by entering some digits of the PIN number.   Select the registration  menu of  the BRI banking call center.

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