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A look at the features of West Java BKD and its responsibilities


Surely you know the term BKD province of West Java.   Especially if you have participated in the recruitment of cpns in the respective regions. The BKD or Regional Public Service Agency is a very important government institution with various main duties and functions.

BKD is especially well known to people when it is CPNS recruitment. Because the main task of this BKD is to assist the governor or regent in managing civil servants. That is, not only in the search for or recruitment of civil servants, but also in the regulation and supervision of civil servants.

If you are interested in becoming one of the government employees, you need to know about BKD and what is in it. In this way, they will better understand what the duties of a government agency or agency are.

Each city and county will have a BKD office to handle all administrative matters of government employees in the city. The scope of work and responsibilities of this single institution are very broad and have a great responsibility. All these duties and responsibilities are laid down in the law.

There are different sub-areas within the BKD institution that will work according to their responsibilities. Whether it’s providing equipment, monitoring or preparing reports. For more detailed information, here is an explanation of BKD and its main functions and responsibilities.

Meet the Regional HR Institute BKD

A BKD is a government agency or agency that regulates the performance of the duties and training of civil servants in the area. For example, West Java BKD will be responsible for managing, organizing, monitoring and providing facilities for government employees in the West Java region.

The BKD of the district or city will only be responsible for the care of officials in the affected city and will not be responsible for other cities. Jurisdiction is therefore limited only regionally. However, there are also those that have national competence, namely the national recruitment agency.

This institution will carry out functions as an administrative part of the management of officials, both in the provision of work or duties, in the implementation of training and in the duration of service. When a civil servant wants to take care of various files, such as mutations or eyewear/education renewal, he will deal with this institution.

The head of the West Java Provincial BKD is directly responsible to the regional leadership and performs functions in accordance with the law. In order to realize its vision and mission, this government agency will develop an annual work program to improve organizational performance for the better.

The BKD function will be outlined in a work programme that is updated annually to enable it to generate efficient and effective performance. In addition, regeneration is carried out at BKD in order to prepare reliable human resources in the future and to demonstrate the best performance.

Learn about BKD West Java’s vision and mission

The main vision is “Realization of a GOOD and prosperous apparatus”. It’s GOOD in its workmanship; Quality, responsible, innovative and creative. This vision is expected to create a professional and reliable organization to help regional leaders perform. The description of the meaning of the vision is:

  1. Quality, namely quality at work in accordance with the provisions and expectations of all Indonesian people.
  2. Responsibility, that is, having a responsible attitude in any activity or work program.
  3. Innovative, namely the ability to exhibit or introduce new things so that it can improve work efficiency.
  4. Creative, that is, it is able to bring out creativity in creating something or increasing the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Prosperous, which is supposed to create a sense of comfort and security for civil servants both in the material, financial and spiritual sense.

BKD The province of West Java not only has a vision, but also carries out missions that are carried out from time to time. This mission will change with the needs of the government and must be carried out by every official in this institution. The following missions are carried out:

  1. Implementation of a modern personnel system in accordance with technological developments.
  2. To help improve the livelihoods and well-being of employees based on the work performance of each individual.
  3. Improve the professionalism of the employee’s work through advice and training.

Meet the responsibilities of BKD West Java

As an institution directly responsible to regional representatives, the main task of the BKD is to manage  regional officials. Therefore, all matters related to the administration of personnel must be carried out in this institution. Other duties and functions of this personnel institution are:

  1. Preparation of a regional regulatory plan for regional workers with regard to laws and regulations so that they are able to create regulations according to national standards.
  2. Plan and create a regional personnel system.
  3. To carry out administrative implementation interms of administration, dismissal and mutation of civil servants.
  4. It draws up proposals and decides on technical policies for the development of regional officials.
  5. Provision of administrative services for the state civilian apparatus, such as appointments, dismissals, transfers and changes in structural or functional positions, which are carried out according to the rules of personnel legislation.
  6. Prepare and determine the pension policy of the state civic apparatus in accordance with applicable legislation, norms and procedural standards.
  7. Determination of salaries and allowances for the welfare of the state civil apparatus, with reference to personnel laws and regulations.
  8. Administration of the state civil apparatus and administration of the regional personnel information system.

By virtue of its functions and duties, the BKD of the Province of West  Java has  full policies and arrangements for all matters relating to officials present or serving in the West Java region. In addition, he is also responsible for appointing, promoting and managing staff pensions.

BKD increases the professionalism of the state civilian apparatus

The preparation of work programmes is carefully organised to help improve the performance of the state apparatus. The work programme is adapted to what the regional recruitment agency’s work objective is so that it can support the achievement of the vision and mission of the institution. In this case, it is adapted to the rules of legislation of the central level.

BKD West Java focuses on improving work professionalism to form a reliable and responsible state apparatus.   In the future, it can prepare a reliable apparatus capable of fulfilling duties and responsibilities. Here are some of the work programmes implemented:

  1. Implementation of CPNS recruitment. This program is implemented every year or at least every 2 years to fill vacancies in positions due to retirement, death or the need for additional workforce.
  2. The award process is in the form of an increase from honorary to CPNS for the best-performing honorees in exchange for honorable service.
  3. IPDN Praja Recruitment Acceptance through tests followed by regional sons and daughters and from various other regions of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as pegawar card production, TASPEN card management or registration of dependents for married civil servants.
  5. Organize and conduct examinations for civil servants who are eligible for promotion.
  6. Conducting training to improvethe competence ofofficials.
  7. Implementation of technical training and consultancy in the state apparatus, either by organizing training in the regions or by securing employees who participate in training in the central BKD.

As an institution that assists regional leaders in regulating civil servants, BKD has a great responsibility. The BKD of West Java Province must not only formulate the main tasks based on their functions,  but also fulfill the vision and mission as a personnel institution.

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